Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to send a change of clothes?

Will my child learn?

Do the uniform dress for girls need to have school emblem?

May I ask the teacher quick questions at drop off or pick up?

Do you allow birthday celebrations?

Are grandparents and other family members allowed to participate in school activities?

I will be going on vacation for a month, do I have to pay tuition?

What happens if my child cries a lot?

How do I find out what is going on in the school?

Do you hold fundraisers? 

Is your program religious? 

Are toys allowed in school?

Can I walk my child into school?

Do I need to send a backpack?

Can I drop off my child late?

Am I allowed to send a snack for my child?

Can parents volunteer?

Can I come in to observe the class?

What happens if I have an emergency and I can’t pick up by 6PM?

Should I stay in the class until they are settled?

What are Pizza Parties?

I’m a working parent and I can’t attend all school events, will this be a problem?

Can I send sunblock to be applied in school?

If for whatever reason I need to withdraw my child, what is the process?

I need to know how my child is doing throughout the day, can I call?

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