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It is our goal to provide children with a sense of acceptance and nurturing that will prepare them for a successful academic future and above all allows them to develop lasting, positive social relationships. We strongly believe that some of the most important lessons children will learn stem from positive interactions with one another. Therefore, we strive to provide them with an environment that fosters social warmth, affection, and personal growth.

Supplemental Curriculum

Our supplemental curriculum is designed to support our Montessori lessons by adding a varied method of instruction which offers our students an optimal learning experience. Whether they use iPads as a different tool to support the concrete learning experience of the classroom or being exposed to a different language, this addition aims at strengthening even further the educational foundation our students receive.

Spanish class

Part of our regular curriculum, Spanish class is designed to introduce our young students to a second language. Focus is on vocabulary and conversational skills development. Conducted in a fun and interactive manner.

Moral Character Development

The newest edition to our Montessori curriculum. Our moral character development unit will cover topics such as kindness, self respect, responsibility, citizenship, fairness, trustworthiness and caring.


Giving children a different learning option. IPADS are used as a supplemental educational tool. Apps include: Montessori sensorial lessons, tracing, math, phonics, geography, puzzles.


Every classroom has a gardening box outdoors to teach children primary botany lessons. They learn how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables. They also conduct science experiments, learn how to chart plant growth, collect rainfall, measure growth of plants and so much more.


Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate will instruct children in karate stance and techniques. Children will also learn about self-control and self-respect. There will be a Stripes Earned Presentation at the end of sessions.


Soccer Shots provides an active class that aims at improving coordinations, balance and movement while exposing children to the fundamentals of soccer.


Dynamite Dance Studio teaches grace, balance, coordination and movement through different dances including: ballet, modern, zumba, tap dance.

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